Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Flea Market Style Magazine

A Brand New Publication is on the Market!! Flea Market Style, full of beautiful glossy color, making Flea Market Style decorating Beautiful, Warm, and Fun!! With Feature titles like 'Doing Dishes' (where Blue & White become a decorating asset), 'Delicate Cycle'(new roles for Lace in your Home), 'Afternoon Delight'(Impromptu Girlfriends get~together), to 'Brushed ~ Up Junk'(re~newing Junk with purpose and style). These are just a few.

This Publication sold out in our B&M Stores, so round two is available in our Boutique, under New Listings.

Thanks to the Fantastic Team of Flea Market Style for giving us this Fun, Exciting, Inspiring Publication!!!

Huggs, Nancy


  1. I've passed this magazine link on to several friends. We love it!

  2. I love this magazine!

    Just my style!


  3. Hi Nancy,

    Thank you for your sweet comments on the loss of my diamond. It's wonderful to have friends who understand.

    xo Cathy