Monday, November 23, 2009

Wiggles Grace Butler | A Dog Named Christmas

Wiggles Grace Butler | A Dog Named Christmas

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Chinese Crafters

Hello Sweet Friends!
I have not posted it seems like in so long and I really do have so much too Share from our recent trip to China. So I grabbed one of my favorite photos, of course it's Crafting and will tell you a bit about the Crafters I experienced in China.

One thing about the Chinese is they are a proud people. Their dream is to own a shop, live in it or above it. And whether it is Music, Cooking or Crafting they love to share with anyone passing by. Intimate Marketing is what I would call it. One on One.

Here is a young lady weaving right in front of the family store. She does this all day and sometimes will trade time with another family member. Everyone of her works of Art is available in her store. I purchased several pieces from her and they are all so soft to the touch and very nicely done. A few of them will be in my Boutique sometime this week for purchase. They are very reasonable as you will see, and are OOAK.
Have a Beautiful Week if you don't make it back over, Happy Thanksgiving!
I know I have so much to be Thank~full for, and a great portion of my Thanks are for you, my Sweet Friends, Loyal Customers and Supportive Colleagues!
Huggs, Nancy

Thursday, November 19, 2009

We are back from our trip to China and all set to go ~ Please Join us this Friday for our weekly Make Mine Pink Shopping Event! This week we celebrate 'All About Family'!

When our family gathers for the holidays, Grandma’s dishes always come out of the china cabinet. From favorite serving dishes that held many a turkey, to silverware passed down through generations. Crisp, starched tablecloths, reminiscent of many holidays past, grace the family dining table. These simple pieces are as much a part of the annual celebration as is the family gathered around the table. Each of us thankful for those memories and for each other.

After dinner is done, and the pumpkin pie is gone, the children are anxious to leave the table and play in Grandma’s bedroom. They gather on her chenille covered bed, anxious to start the treasure hunt through her jewelry box. The boys quickly tire of this game and head off to meet the men in the living room, while the girls play dress up with the old pearl necklaces and rhinestone pins kept inside the box of treasures. They try on Grandma’s cameo necklace and the hand crocheted shawl she keeps on her boudoir chair. They and imagine they are elegant ladies, from what they imagine to be Grandma’s past. It’s always such fun to explore the treasures and keepsakes, looking for something new since their last adventure.

The women sit around the table long after dinner is over and the dishes are cleared, sipping tea from favorite vintage cups. Their fingers trace over the cross stitching on the antique tablecloth, and they marvel at the long hours someone put into the intricate design. They talk about their own stitching projects and their favorite collections of antiques and heirlooms.

Talk turns to plans for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Always hoping for a handmade Christmas, they share their favorite sewing and decorating plans. A holiday-themed quilt that must be finished in time, a Christmas stocking for a baby’s first Christmas and maybe even a stylish sweater knit from a teenager’s favorite colors. They reminisce over past holiday traditions and plan which new ones to start this year, jotting down suggestions and writing lists of memory-making ideas for the family this year. They may even draw names for gift giving.

When our family gathers for the holidays, our home is filled with love, laughter and many memories of the past gatherings just like this one. A glance around the room provokes a feeling of deep gratitude for the family and friends in our lives.

See you There,