Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Just hours away, It's almost here, Wishing you All a Wonderful New Year!!!

Huggs, Nancy
Coeur d'Alene

Monday, December 13, 2010

LIFE, it can be so Bittersweet~

Dear Friends,

Due to a death in our immediate Family, we will be doing a soft closing. Candylights, and our French Pinwheels are the only product available to ship until December 28th, 2010. At that time, we will resume Full Service for our online Boutique, Little Pink Boutiques and our Etsy Shop.
Thank~You all for your patience and continued patronage!!

With Blessings we wish you all a Safe and Joyous Holiday Season!!


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Play Holly Jolly BLOG Bingo!!

Lani from The Quilt Shoppe will be hosting her starting tomorrow Dec 10, 2010!! Interested in Playing?? 2nd Annual Holly Jolly Blog BingoClick on the Image, Registration ends at Midnight tonight, 12/9/2010 The Grand Prize is just over the top!! And she is also having a Daily Give~Away too!!

Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

MMP Ornament Swap

One thing that is so much fun about a swap, other than creating something Special for the recipient, is the element of Surprise of what is coming to you in return!! And I Love Surprises, especially when I know they are coming from a fellow Crafter or Artist. This year in the Make Mine Pink Ornament Swap I had the pleasure of Swapping with Brenda from The Wilted Magnolia and Shannon from Shabby Shan's Cottage.

The first Ornament I received was from Shannon. This Darling Pink & White Birdhouse with Crystals and a Sugary Roof. I Love Birdhouses, and Shannon knows that too as I have bought them from her before. Shannon's husband makes them!! And he makes them nice too. Then they are passed over to Shannon for the appropriate Creative touch. Mine will look Gorgeous on my Sugary Pink Tree!!
Next I received my Ornament from Brenda, I love meeting New Blogging friends!! I received one of Brenda's Gorgeous Boudoir Balls!! This Ornament is covered with fabric of Roses then topped off with bits of Pink Chiffon, the top is embellished with a Pink Fabric Flower, Ribbons, White Venice Lace's and it has the nicest Scent to it too!! It's home is also on the Pink Sugary Tree!!I am so blessed to have these two New Ornaments on my Tree, and so Thank~full for the Ladies who made them for me!! Thank~You so much Brenda & Shannon for the New memories on my tree. I hope you both have a Wonderful Holiday too!!

Be sure to stop by the Make Mine Pink Blog here to see the rest of the Ornaments Swapped this Christmas.

Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Well What do you think? Isn't this a Pretty Jar of Pink? A Pretty BIG PINK Jar of Pink French Mints? Click on the Image and hop on over to Make Mine Pink and take a Guess as to how many PINK delectable French Mints are in this Jar. The Prize, A darling PINK Hot Chocolate Maker Set for 2! Now how neat is that with these cold airs blowing in?? Go on and Click, lets all have some PINK Holiday Fun!!! My Guess, hmmmmm.....................3,587 PINK French Mints are in the Jar.

Good Luck Friends!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Are you ready for this??

Hello Sweet Friends,
Well we are all nestled in our Gulf side Florida home for the Winter! It's been a real Adventure unpacking here and Creating, unpacking the New Florida Shop Location, and Creating some more! All in the Love of my favorite time of year and I am sure it is yours too! The Holidays ~ Yes, all of them that we love that only come at the end of the Year!!!
Next Friday, November 19th at 8am EST the Boutiques at are putting on a Holiday Shop that is surely to be remembered!! Are you excited yet?? I am, it's running for 3 full days and will close on Sunday the 21st at Midnight!! All Purchases made at the Holiday Shop from Coeur d'Alene will receive our FREE Lovely Tiffany Style Holiday Gift wrapping, and Shipping of these products will be 1/2 Off!!(refunded back to you through PayPal). Of Course a package would not be complete without a Special Package from us to you too!

I really hope you will join us for this Fine, Fun, Over the Moon Holiday Event!!!
With a Happy Jolly Smile,
Nancy, Danielle, & Friends

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Online Holiday Recipe Swap

I Love to Cook and I will always try my hand at baking too, but my Cooking I have to say is better. I Love trying New recipes too!! So I just happen to think this is just a Grand Idea ~ A Online Holiday Recipe Swap were hosting at You just have to join us with some of your Yummy Favorites too!! So just Open up your Holiday Recipe Box and share I would just love to try one of your Favorites!! You can submit your Recipe Here, and let the Yummy Goodness begin~


Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Fall Findings" Sorority Swap

Reveal Day!! It's Finally here!! My Sorority Sister Swap Partner is Dee Dee Johnson from DeeDees Craftspot. Ooooh and did I receive a charming decorated Cigar Box, just full of useful and fun goodies.
As you can see below, Lace wrapped in Curlers, what a neet idea, Acorn bells, Beaded Rings, Fall Ribbons, Spooky Halloween Tags, A lovely Bar of Olive Oil Soap, Glittered Pumpkin, a very nice thick Heart shaped Hot Pad, Sheet Music, a Set of Orange Votives, I used one last night in my studio and it smelled sooo good. A Darling Soddered Charm with the Word "Friend" inside, that will go in a special place. Thank~You so much Dee Dee for putting this Cherished Box together for me!! I had so much fun finding things for you, and I can tell you had just as much fun!!

A Super Big Thanks to Karen from our 'Some Days are Diamonds" for putting this all together for us!! Just Loved it Karen!!
Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dreamy Pink Santas Give ~Away

I am just a Lover of Pink Santa Claus's, and been since I was a little girl. My Great Aunt had one out every year at Christmas that I just adored. I inherited hers, but since then I have seen them in Antique stores from time to time. I have often thought about buying another for a matching set.

But for Now, Rebecca from A Gathering of Thoughts is having a Beautiful Give~Away of some of her Pink Santa Greeting Cards and Gift Tags. I just think these are Beautiful and had to share them with you too!! If you would like to enter as well please hop over to her blog here.

Good Luck Friends & have a Wonderful Week!!!

Huggs, Nancy

Monday, October 4, 2010

Paper Dreams

Dear Friends,

I have been so busy, and have clearly neglected my blog in the past couple weeks. So, I thought I would post something fun that happened during the Summer.

It was a very hot summer here in MI, and their were times in the morning I just wasn't too excited with the heat and all, to do my normal primping routine. This day was one of them~

I was working steadily along in my Studio when the Dogs started Barking, I could see from my window nothing was happening at the back of the house, so I ventured to the front.

Surprise, Surprise to find this very Hansom German Gentleman at my front door. It was none other than Andreas, President of Paper Dreams Factory. Andreas and his Daughter from Germany were touring the United States in their Custom Made Motor Home/Office. They were making stops and meeting all their Customers, and showing the New Line of Foils and Dresdens. Andreas was also having his customers sign the Outside of the Vehicle. He thinks it will be full by the time he returns to Rhode Island where their Corporate office is.

It was such a treat Andreas to meet you and your lovely Daughter!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MMP PINK October 2010 Shop Hop

Well we are at it again at Make Mine Pink, rolling out another Fabulous Shop Hop!! Our 2010 PINK October Shop Hop kicks off at Midnight on October 11th, 2010. Players will have until Midnight on October 16th to find the Shopping Bags that are hidden on the Websites of participating Boutiques. Wonderful Prizes have been donated by the Boutiques for you to win depending on the number of Shopping Bags you find. On top of that, the Boutiques will be offering Specials as well. You can Register here by clicking on the Image or by clicking on the Image at the top of the Left Sidebar.

I hope to see you during the Shop Hop, we have Specials lined up for you too at Coeur d'Alene!!

Have a Wonderful Day my Friend!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cupcakes and Polka Dots

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday September 17th, 2010 as we present "Cupcakes and Polkadots"

Do you remember the simple delights of childhood? How a cupcake could make you giggle and as far as you were concerned, polkadots belonged on everything. As I made the passage from child to adult, I found that some of the same things that gave me delight as a child, still brought a smile to my face. The little girl in me, always looking for an opportunity to relive the happiness of childhood. Then having daughters, the perfect excuse. Cupcakes remind me of those happy times – and because cupcake bakeries are popping up all over, it’s given us glorious permission to partake in this delightful pastime! After-all, who doesn’t love a cupcake? The once simple confection, now piled high with frostings and toppings, indulging the child in all of us.
It’s the simple things like cupcakes and whimsical dots that bring us so much pleasure. So why not add a little whimsy to our lives? Because of this fun, new focus on whimsy, we’ve seen cupcakes and polkadots finding their way into even the most conventional lifestyles! Cupcake pillows and purses, fabrics sprinkled with delightful little cakes and colorful dots, framed prints of the grandest of cupcakes, piled high with whipped frosting and topped with a cherry, earrings dangling with the smallest of tasty confections. All a scrumptious reminder of the delight we feel when we take time to enjoy the simple things in life. The delight we feel when we let our inner child out to play, even if only for a moment. Grandmas and Grandpas are pulling up chairs and sipping tea from miniature china cups, the table spread with the palest pink and purple polka-dot cloth. Cupcakes are served on the finest china, the delight of sharing a special moment with your favorite daughter, granddaughter or child. These are the tiny pleasures, yet building memories for a lifetime.
Cupcakes and Polkadots remind us how easy it is to escape to a place where a little touch of whimsy can brighten a whole day. A bit of fun and delight in a world that can be demanding. All things whimsical have a place in our lives and each brings about smiles and wisps of childhood memories. Whether it is a fanciful collection or a whimsical element added to your decor, the hint of fun is a welcoming greeting to all. A ceramic cupcake, sitting amongst our heirloom teacups, a cupcake pillow, tossed on the chair by the bed, a set of brightly painted polkadot mugs, for afternoon hot cocoa by the fire, all an aide-memoire, to dream, and to remember. It only takes a moment to think back to a special day, remembering the things that delight and refresh our senses. And if you need a little help building your whimsical collection, the boutiques at Make Mine Pink would be a great place to start.

I am looking forward to seeing you all for this Whimsical Event!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Last Rose of Summer"

As fall approaches, I love to take my mug of morning coffee outdoors and walk along the rose bushes. The same bushes that offered an abundance of roses during the summer are starting to show a little thinning, each needing their winter’s rest. The enchanting blooms beg the question “Will these be the last roses of summer?” It is no wonder roses are the favorite flowers of so many people, me included. Their delicate petals are stronger than they appear against the wind and sun, their scent intoxicating. Their beauty is unquestionable. Some need very little attention and yet grab all of our attention. We seem to have a need to fill our homes with roses. Hand- painted roses pop up in pieces of furniture, framed as wall art, and even on our favorite wine goblets. We tuck antique tea cups featuring roses into unto what-not shelves. China cabinets are filled with our wedding sets, mine in blue roses, my sisters’ in pink roses. Curtains over our kitchen sinks have a delicate rose edging. Roses are woven into the damask linens we use to each day as we enjoy meals with our loved ones. A few roses pillows tucked here and there give a quick smile as we go about our fall nesting. A flickering candle fills the air with rose scents, and beautiful rose-shape soaps welcome out guests. Teas in rose flavors call us to sit by the fireplace and relax. Thanks Sharon for writing such a lovely piece!! I Hope you all will be able to join us this Friday for our themed shopping event, "Last Rose of Summer". All the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink are gearing up with some Beautiful products!!

Hope to see you then Friends!

Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's A Goody Swap!

In the past year I have joined a couple Swaps, they are so much fun and what a great opportunity to meet a New Blogging Friend!! My Sweet Friend Kathy from Creative Home Expressions is hosting a Goody Swap, and I can't wait to get started!!!

Have a Great Week Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Friday, August 6, 2010


Last week while visiting my Favorite Blogs, I came across Chandy Love, a Blogpost from Tales from an OC Cottage, Chandeliers! I Love Chandeliers but I Love light, and lots of it! While reading the post it made me think of my own Great Chandeliers that I have acquired from the Auctions we have attended over the years. OC Cottage emailed me and suggested I do a Blog post on mine and link up to Cindy at My Romantic Home for her Show & Tell Friday.

So here I am my first post linking up to My Romantic Home to Share.

We acquired this Vintage Chandelier from a Auction in Florida. It was meant to hang in our Foyer in our MI Home. Well it made it up here but still not yet in the Foyer, and this was several years ago!

It is currently hanging in our Basement Family Room just tucked in a corner for safe keeping. It has over 500 intact Prisms. My winning Bid was $200. Someday it will hang in my Foyer, but probably of my next home(as we are looking).

The same Night, I also won this Chandelier(Image #10). Sorry to have to link, but the main image is on another PC. I Love the simple ornateness of this Chandelier, it hangs, yes after 3 years it was hung in the Breakfast Nook of our Fla Home. Winning Bid $20.

I hope this post Inspires you to look at other shopping venues for some Fabulous Buys!!
Please visit Cindy over at My Romantic Home for other Inspirations from Bloggers during Show & Tell Friday!!

Have a Good Week Friends!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Colors of Summer" ~ MMP Shopping Event

MMP Friday Shopping Event August 6th "Colors of Summer"

Summer rushes in with a burst of color that delights the senses. Where the colors of spring are subtle and soothing, the colors of summer are bold and energizing. The sun shines bright, the skies are an azure blue, and you can almost envision the sights and sounds of summer fun that awaits you on the horizon. The bright, clear colors, excite our senses and encourage us to relax and play.

Colorful planters and dishes are brought out of storage and bright colored linens, freshened up for summer use.
It doesn’t matter what your year round decor is, the summer calls for colors that are bright and whimsical. Colors that say, come join us for some laughter and fun.

Chairs fill your living space, draped with colorful throws and cushions. Summer fruits and brightly colored birds and flowers, make their way into your summer decor. A simple corner, now ablaze with the colors of summer.

This is a season of vacations and celebrations that are meant to be shared with family and good friends. Dining tables are moved onto the patio or under the shade of a large oak tree in the garden. The brightest vintage tablecloths draped casually over mismatched tables, all reminiscent of another time, bursting with memories.

Mismatched dishes in bright summer colors are used to serve the summer fare. Fresh berries and bright yellow lemons, fill bowls and glass pitchers. Colorful vases are filled with fresh cut flowers is all shades of summer. Nothing needs to be coordinated, nothing looks out of place. The colors of popsicles and beach balls, strawberry shortcake and pink lemonade, bring us back to our childhood. Memories flood in and new memories are made.

Visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink and capture your own special times, reminiscent of the colors of summer.

I hope to see 'You All this Week~End'!!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Give Away~A Gathering of Thoughts

Good Morning Dear Friends,

Thought I would share a Awesome Give~Away that Rebecca from "A Gathering of Thoughts" is having. I am sure I will win, but I would like to give you a Chance to win as well!! Isn't this Pillow just stunning?? She is offering another little goodie as well but you will just have to skip on over there to check it out. Oh, I just think this would be beautiful in Johanna Baby's room, don't you??

Have a Great Week end Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Summer Porch" Shopping Event at Make Mine Pink

MMP Friday Shopping Event July 30th "Summer Porch"

I can’t think of anything more inviting than a summer porch. Starting your day with a cup of tea in a favorite antique tea cup or watching a sunset from a vintage wicker rocker, filled with plump cushions, inspired by days gone by.
A summer porch can be a place of solace, when you need a moment to unwind, or a place of shelter during a warm summer rain.
A welcoming porch creates a friendly entryway to your home. And with the right accessories, can become an extension of your home.
Our summer porch was always filled with pots and planters of brightly colored geraniums. It didn’t feel like summer without these welcoming blooms.
For entertaining guests, vintage chairs, painted in blues and whites, no two alike, made comfortable with pretty floral pillows propped against their backs. An ornate table, painted white and adorned with layers of beautiful white linens. A welcoming site for all that come to visit.
For cozy evenings, cut glass cups, glow with the soft flicker of a candle within. An old mason jar, one saved from grandmother’s canning cellar, is filled with fresh cut daisies. A quilting project, tucked into a favorite basket, ready to be worked on at a moments notice.

In our Family we have always enjoyed our Porches and backyard Decks. Nothing just beats eating a Al Fresco meal with a good bottle of Wine, and serene beautiful scenery.

Have a Great Week~End my Wonderful Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

We Have A WINNER..........................

Thanks everyone who entered my Give~Away for the AMIA Stained Glass Victorian Purse!! Our Random Numerator from Cottage Violets chose #4, and that would be .......................Vera, from Olivia Paige Emporium!!!
Congratulations Vera!! Please email me your address and your Beautiful piece of Art will be off in the Mail to your Gorgeous Home!!

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!
Huggs, Nancy

Friday, July 16, 2010

2010 "CIJ" Shop Hop Give~Away

"Rose Diamond" Stained Glass Victorian Hand Bag 9.5" from top of Clasp to bottom of Fringe x 5"W 8" Drop Chain, From Amia Value $38

Isn't this Beautiful? This stained Glass Victorian Handbag is from Amia. Amia does just stunning work with designs that are so versified. They are a American Stained Glass Company out of Colorado and have been around a very long time. I just had to share one with you, and I would like to Give one to one of you too!
If you would like to enter, please do the following below. We will verify all entries before running them through the Number Generator on Wednesday July 21, 2010.
The First 3 are required, and may all be left in one post if you like. The following 4, 5, and 6, are Bonus entries. The Contest ends at Midnight on July 20, 2010, Good Luck Friends!!
1. Leave a comment, would you really, really like to win this? 2. Sign~Up for our Newsletter (Link on Right Sidebar), you will automatically receive a FREE Gift from us if you are a New Sign~Up. 3. Follow this BLOG 4. "Like" Coeur d'Alene on our FB Fan Page (Right Side Bar) 5. Follow us on Twitter(Right Side Bar) 6. Are you participating in the Make Mine Pink Shop Hop??

Good Luck Friends!

Huggs, Nancy

2010 Christmas in July Shop Hop with Make Mine Pink

I just Love a Good Shop Hop! What about you? Have you ever participated in one? Of course I am very partial but at Make Mine Pink, we do put on the Best Shop Hop on the Web!! We have 33 participating Boutiques, which have all hidden the Famous Make Mine Pink Shopping Bag somewhere in our Boutiques for you to find. You have 5 fun~filled days to find your Shopping Bags and each one registers into your registered account. Yes, you must Register here to play. The Prizes are Beautiful, all donated by the Participating Boutiques. Each Boutique as well has there own Fun Planned agenda for you and Specials too!! So what's keeping you? Hop on over, Register, Play and WIN!!!

See you there!!
Huggs, Nancy

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Have you ever Attended ~ a "Pink Twilight" Sale???

It's Fast & Furious, and a whole lot of FUN!! Put on by the Boutiques at and created by Founder Joyce Lucas, this monthly(3rd Saturday) Online Flea Market type Sale Extravaganza has something(s) for everyone!! You will find Handmade, Handcrafted, Hand sewn, Hand sculpted, New, Vintage, Re~Purposed, in just about every Category you can Imagine.
The Best part, is that we list everything in clean, usable out of the box condition, at a Flea Market Price and we keep adding products right up until we close! On top of all that, if you have ever shopped with any of the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink you know that Love, Care and a little Fu~Fu go into every box we ship out.

Our next "Pink Twilight" Sale is coming up on July 17th, 2010 right here! We start promptly at 6 pm and end sharply at midnight.

I just love shopping at "Pink Twilight" I hope you will too!
See you next Saturday!!!
Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fresh Breath....

I have been feverioushly working on getting things ready for a massive Garage Sale. We have a beautifully finished basement, but you wouldn't know it from the boxes, and bags just piled on the floor and on the Tables, both 8 foot long dining Table Sets. I could just open my own store right out of my basement. I wonder if my little historic city here on the Lake would permit me to do that? Just kidding friends I don't need another business venture at this stage of my Life.
I took a break from all of this activity once this past week~end to find my daughter had sent me this picture of my sweet little Granddaughter, Johanna.

Such perfect timing for the day, as I work to get rid of all this stuff. A wonderful reminder that our efforts to unload will bring us someday to being closer to where we want to spend the rest of our lives. Playing, enjoying, and spending as mush time as we can with our Grandchildren. That is our New Venture we have decided for us. We may not settle in China, but probably in some hand picked Grandma house with a Big Porch, and a Big Yard on the West Coast. Maybe even in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.......

Have a wonderful day Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gorgeous Give~Away

Isn't this Wreath just Gorgeous? I just Love it!!! From 'Between Naps on the Porch' Blog this Morning I was directed to Pemberley Style Blog for this Beautiful Give~Away. If you would like a chance to win it too just head on over, Amy has just a Beautiful Blog! Good Luck to you too Friends!!

Huggs, Nancy

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching up with 'Mimmie'

Oh Dear Sweet Friends, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth, just dropped into a whole new realm of Life ~ Grandmotherhood, is that even a word?, or for me it would be Mimmiehood. That's a new word created by moi. Yes, dainty little Miss Johanna Grace came into our lives on May 14th. Just as precious as a little girl can be, and so is her Mother my daughter Lauren. I have been busy keeping up with her, crocheting, and creating in down time. Even had a chance to visit a couple Antique Stores here in Shelton WA.
So there are some New goodies in the Boutique.
And a new favorite Yarn Shop, which just happens to be right on my path to visit with Johanna. Fancy Image Yarns,, is a shop full of hand dyed Merino's and Mohair's. Myra's eye for color is just outstanding with yummy summer, and rich fall hues. This shop is a must have for the Fiber Artist.

Today we took Johanna to the Olympia Farmer's Market. I just Love her New Copli Stroller! Her Blanket here was made by Melissa Danner of 'My Favorite Things', Thank~You Melissa!!

I Hope You ALL are Enjoying a Wonderful Holiday Week~end!!
Huggs, Nancy

Monday, May 10, 2010

Southern Cookin Give~Away Winner

Congratulations Roxie!! of Jorabeel's Blog Boutique! Roxie dear, you are the Winner of the this Southern Cookin Give~Away! Just leave it to me to forget to post and wonder why I have not heard from you! Em me your Address, and I'll send your goodies on their way!!

Huggs, Nancy

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Southern Cookin` Give~Away

When I think of Southern Cooks~ I think Paula Deen. I have eaten at her lovely Restaurant, The Lady and Sons, on several occasions and the faire was Oh so yummy!! This trip I visited her Home Store, I have to say I really like the quality and design of her products. Her prices were very reasonable too!! So I did find a couple goodies there just for you!! I also stopped by 'shopSCAD'(Savannah College of Art and Design), a retail boutique full of products made by the students. So many pretties and unique color combinations too! I found a very pretty Gift there for you too. Today's Give~Away, a Special little Cooking package. From shopSCAD, a lovely Teal Toile on White Kitchen Towel & Hot Pad set. I love the color Teal, it can be mixed with so many different other colors. From Paula Deens Home Store, A set of Measuring Cups, and Measuring Spoons. I like these they are a very solid set. A set of 6 Postcards each with one of her famous recipes, and a tube of her Key Lime Chapstick!! If you would like to enter this Sweet Give Away, just comment below and sign up for our mailing list,(link on right sidebar). For extra entries, please comment if you become a fan of our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, Follow this Blog. This Give~Away ends Tuesday, May 4th, 2010.
Have a Wonderful Week~end!!
Huggs, Nancy

Friday, April 30, 2010

Southern Sweet Give~Away Winner

Congratulations Lu Lu Kellogg from Coastal Sisters, you are the winner of our Southern Sweet Give~Away!! Please Contact me with your address Sweetie!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Congratulations to our "Virginia" Give ~Away Winner

Congratulations to 'Fancy Farm girl' Tiffany from! You are the winner of our 'Virginia' Give~Away!! I just know you will love these Vintage Laces, Trims, Buttons and Fabrics, and the Vintage 'Mother' Plate!! And since I have some of my own Vintage Millinery on hand from the Art Event I will be adding some of those too!! Send me your address and this will be on it's way to you!!

Thanks to all of you for Entering!!
Huggs, Nancy

A Sweet little Town Called Beauford, So. Carolina

You know with a Granddaughter on the way I have been on a Quest for the perfect 'Grandma House' In my case, 'Mimmie's House'. Well I found the house I would call 'Mimmies House' in Beauford, So. Carolina. Beauford is a cute little town with tons of Charm, and known as Americas #1 Great Small town. Here are a few pictures I thought you would enjoy from Beauford.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Southern Sweet GiveAway

Our wonderful 'Petticoats & Parasols' kicked off Thursday evening with a Evening of Sweet Treats, including our Keynote Speaker, Jo Packman, of 'Where Women Create'.
Rosalyn~Sue Smith of treated us to the most divine 'Southern Sugar Sweet Bar. Rosalyn~Sue designed and constructed our Sweet Bar, isn't it just adorable!! Then she filled it with Sweet Peach and Vanilla Gumballs, Taffys, and Rock Candy Sugar Sticks. The second portion of the Sweet Bar were all Home Made Southern Desserts, just divine and just the right size sweet portion. Thank~You so much Rosalyn for treating us to such a wonderful introduction to Southern Sweets!!!
And the Cocktail of the Evening was a Sweet Peach Martini, and ooooohhhh so delish!
Now, with all this Sweetness all around me I had to share some with you.
In our Sweet Giveaway we have 1/2# (7 pcs) of Original and Chocolate Pralines. 4 Gophers, 1 of each Original, White, Milk Choc. and dark Choc., so Yummy! 1 10oz bag of Carmel Corn with Praline Pecans, 1/2 # bag of soft chewy flavorful Taffy!! and it just wouldn't be complete without a jar of Peach Preserves.

To Enter: Please leave a Sweet Comment
Please subscribe to our New Mailing list.

Drawing will be held at midnight Wednesday 4~28~10

Good Luck Friends!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mother's Day Give~Away "Virginia"

Well I am a day late putting up this post, but as promised here is our first Mother's Day Shop Hop Give~Away. From the Antique stores of West Virgina, and Virgina. This first Give~Away is a favorite task of all the mother's I know, Sewing. The 'Mother' plate is marked Grafton W. VA. from the Carr China Co. According to the back of the plate Grafton is the Birthplace "Mother's Day"
There is a nice piece of Vintage fabric 27"x46",
over 10 yds of different Vintage laces, Vintage Buttons, Vintage Trims, and a French Ribbon Rose Pen.

To Enter please leave a post when you:
1. Become a Facebook Fan, (right sidebar)
2. Follow my Blog.
3. Follow me on Twitter
This first Give~Away ends Tues., April 27, 2010

Have a Great Day Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Infamous Soap Box ~

From time to time I have heard the saying "I'll get off my Soap Box now" usually from someone trying to get a point or opinion of sorts across to others. To me this was always some ficticious box, until today. While Antiquing today I came across this Box. I couldn't believe it and just laughed!

So for Sharon, Pat, Lani, I Thank~you for always sharing yours with me. You have made me a believer! Let me share mine with you!

So this was my Special find for the day. And I did find something special for you. I will post the first Give away sometime tomorrow. It will be the "Virgina Give~away"

TTFN Sweet Friend!
Huggs, Nancy