Friday, June 26, 2009

And the Story begins......40% Off

I just love a GREAT SALE, don't you? This week at Coeur d'Alene we are offering 40% off all Bridal merchandise. Lots of fun accessories and gifts for her special day!!! Brides, we have many items and gifts to give for as well!

See you at this weeks Bridal sale, And the Story begins....... Enter the word Brides at check out.

Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday June 26, 2009 as we present "A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME"

I've never seen a rose I didn't love. From the first blossom of spring, gently swaying in the breeze, to an intricately stitched needlepoint rich in history, I love them all. Silk roses mixed with a bunch of silk hydrangeas, gracing a vase on the mantle. Cabbage roses on a sugar bowl and creamer, brought out for a grandmother's tea. Colorful rose cupcakes scented as beautifully as they look.

Roses represent so many wonderful things and are often used to celebrate special milestones such as weddings, births and anniversaries. We might write a special announcement on stationery with long-stemmed yellow roses lying against a background of a French poem. Use white satin roses to create wedding memories in a vintage box.

Roses have also been used throughout the centuries in home décor. Like wild pink roses painted on porcelain china plates. A crystal bud vase embellished with a pink silk rose, ready to hold a freshly picked rose bud from the garden. A French ribbon rose attached to a crocheted cushion in the living room. Hand built ceramic roses to use as drawer pulls, or as a magnet to hang up a special photograph.

Milliners used silk roses to embellish the finest hats; perhaps one covered with embroidered lace and handmade millinery roses. Seamstresses stitched the richest brocade drapes adorned with roses. Grandmothers embroidered the most delicate rose patterns on tablecloths and handkerchiefs. Now we can give silky velvet rose pins a special corsage. For everyday occasions, you might wear a vintage pink rose apron or admire a rose-shaped pillow made of hot pink satin.

Throughout the years, famous artists have studied and painted every aspect of the rose. Antique lithographs and post cards from the 1800s grace our homes today with their everlasting beauty. From a rhapsody of roses printed on canvas and hung over a doorway to garlands of decal roses that make favorite items look hand painted, roses continue to gracefully fit every lifestyle and décor.
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I look forward to seeing you all this Friday!!

Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Congratulations Blog Give~A~Way Winners

Congratulations to Michelle May of Her Boutique sells pre~made Quilted designs & her own Quilting Patterns & Notions. Shell has chosen the 'Trinket Box' as her Prize. This charming box is from 'Our Name is Mudd' valued at $27.95

I decided to do a second place drawing for the Purse Bank. Marie Rodgers from will be receiving that adorable Bank, also from 'Our Name is Mudd' collection. Marie's prize is valued at $21.95. Savon Marie is the home of Luscious Soaps & Bath Products, and I mean Luscious!

You can also find Shell through
Marie can also be found at


Huggs, Nancy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Ready for the Holidays? Give ~ A ~ Way

I have been preparing for the upcoming 'Christmas in July Shop Hop' at Make Mine Are you ready for the Holiday Season of 2009? Purchased any thing special yet for your Best Friend, Spouse, Children, etc.? One thing I know I always need is money, and lots of it! That is when I call upon my best little money friend Miss Priscilla. Except for her crown She really is due for a wardrobe makeover. Anyhow, at the end of the day she collects all my spare change and $1 bills. Every so often she lets me know when she is ready to make a deposit into my Christmas fund at the bank. This way when I find a special gift for for someone special for the Holiday season she helps me out!

In honor of her always helping me, I thought I would have a Give~a~Way to help you be prepared for those special Holiday gifts. So today Miss Priscilla and I found these 2 Items in our secret gift stash of Give ~A~Way goodies.

Please leave a comment and mention if you like the Trinket Box on the left for saving your Holiday change, OR the Purse Bank on the right. You will have until midnight Sunday June 22, 2009 EST to leave your comment.
Good Luck Everyone and have a Great Week!!!
Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Friday Flea Market

To add to your Shopping pleasure I have joined 'Friday Flea Market'. This shopping treat will take place every Friday, and their will be a special Section in our Boutique for our Friday Flea Market Specials. Be sure to hit the provided Link to visit the other Boutiques at Friday Flea Market!

Welcome Friday Flea Market customers to Coeur d'Alene! If you have any questions please contact me, I Love helping my customers!

Happy Shopping Everyone!!
Be Sure to Join Coeur d'Alene this week as we celebrate with Make Mine Pink. com, Pink Friday!

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday June 12, 2009 as we present "Along the Garden Path"

Delights and pleasures that make your heart beat a little faster await you along the garden path. Sights and sounds and smells that excite your senses and inspire your imagination. Perhaps it's the purple cone flowers, multicolored morning glories, fragrant angel trumpets, or the lordly foxglove, all grown from seed and tended with love, that line the path and remind you to dream. Or the delicate shadow of a Victoria trellis supporting a new vine that takes you on a new flight of fancy. In the early morning hours, or when the sun begins to set, a verdigris candle holder or metal scroll work lantern might illuminate the garden pathway. But it's the vintage metal buckets painted with floral designs and planted with overflowing flowers, that seem to light the way.

Along the garden path, a cherub garden sculpture, or a vintage cherub planter might welcome you to this less-traveled road. Ceramic plaques engraved with thoughts and sayings to brighten the day remind you of the peace you find when you walk here, and invite you to linger a while. Garden mushrooms greet you, as does the sparrow-song sung by tiny birds that have stopped to rest on bird-feeders shaped like perfectly opened petals and delicately formed tea cups.

A garden tea party...a hand painted table brought outdoors just for the occasion. Sparkling candy lights make this a fairy-tale place in the midst of an enchanted path. A Victorian cake stand filled with roses and sweets takes center stage, the vintage china tea cups and plates are set. In the shade, you can remove the sun hat that was created just for you, in a design that makes you smile whenever you catch a glimpse of it.

The garden scenery is reflected in a beautiful handmade cushion, stitched from fabric alive with pink blossoms, then placed on a nearby garden chair. A decorative vintage birdcage hangs from a weather hook. On the table lies a gardening book filled with inspiration and ideas to share. Later, you'll remember absent friends and lovingly write to them on note cards reminiscent of a favorite rose garden. But for right now, you'll celebrate with those who are here, and share the treasures you've found along the garden path.
Joyce Lucas, Founder
Make Mine Pink
Photo Contribution 1: Treasured Heirlooms Photo Contribution 2: Caroline Alexander