Wednesday, February 17, 2010

"Linens & Lace" Shopping Event

This Friday we are celebrating one of my all time favorite Themed Shopping Events ~ "Linens & Lace"! Oh the Memories I have of growing up surrounded by Gorgeous French Linens and Lace at my Mimmie's home. I even used to take a Lace Tablecloth that wasn't being used and just wrap my self up in it as I was the 'French Princess Bride' running around in none other than lavender fields. Memories, Memories and more fun memories. My love for these beautiful pieces that I create with today has never changed. Please read on as Joyce shares her wonderful experience with all of us.

For as long as I can remember, linens and lace have always been a part of my life. They were not only present on every special occasion, but were used to add small touches to our everyday lives, making even the ordinary moments special and memorable.

The first time we are surrounded by linens and lace might be when loving hands tenderly wrap us up in an heirloom christening gown. Later, the corner of a simple lace handkerchief tucked in grandmothers pocket, then customary, now used as the lining of a straw tote or repurposed and stitched into a pillow, brings a touch of nostalgia.

Mary's Cottage TreasuresI used to watch in fascination and excitement as my mother and grandmother brought out special tablecloths, some trimmed in lace, others with intricate layers of crochet stitches. I would excitedly wonder what special occasion we were celebrating. Often, it was a simple milestone, made extraordinary by the use of Mom’s special collection of linens. You could just feel the excitement in the air when these special linens came out of their safe storage.

I fondly remember a linen tablecloth with delicate lace around the edges, was lovingly spread on the table for holiday dinners. As a child, that might have been my very favorite. Or was it the beautiful crochet tablecloth with the impossibly intricate pattern of lace that seemed to tumble right off the end of my mothers' crochet hook? I had an appreciation for the beauty of my mother’s collection of linens and lace at a Grandma G'svery early age. Today this very collection, added to one of my own, continues to add beauty and grace to my everyday life as well as to special occasions.

If you ask me, all of the best things in life come carefully wrapped in linens and lace and I never miss an opportunity to add to my own special collection.

Please join us on Friday February 19th as the boutiques at Make Mine Pink share their special linens and lace collections. I hope that you will find a piece of two to add to your collection.

I look forward to having you Shop with me this Friday 2/19/2010, at for "Linens & Lace"!

Huggs, Nancy

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