Wednesday, September 22, 2010

MMP PINK October 2010 Shop Hop

Well we are at it again at Make Mine Pink, rolling out another Fabulous Shop Hop!! Our 2010 PINK October Shop Hop kicks off at Midnight on October 11th, 2010. Players will have until Midnight on October 16th to find the Shopping Bags that are hidden on the Websites of participating Boutiques. Wonderful Prizes have been donated by the Boutiques for you to win depending on the number of Shopping Bags you find. On top of that, the Boutiques will be offering Specials as well. You can Register here by clicking on the Image or by clicking on the Image at the top of the Left Sidebar.

I hope to see you during the Shop Hop, we have Specials lined up for you too at Coeur d'Alene!!

Have a Wonderful Day my Friend!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cupcakes and Polka Dots

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday September 17th, 2010 as we present "Cupcakes and Polkadots"

Do you remember the simple delights of childhood? How a cupcake could make you giggle and as far as you were concerned, polkadots belonged on everything. As I made the passage from child to adult, I found that some of the same things that gave me delight as a child, still brought a smile to my face. The little girl in me, always looking for an opportunity to relive the happiness of childhood. Then having daughters, the perfect excuse. Cupcakes remind me of those happy times – and because cupcake bakeries are popping up all over, it’s given us glorious permission to partake in this delightful pastime! After-all, who doesn’t love a cupcake? The once simple confection, now piled high with frostings and toppings, indulging the child in all of us.
It’s the simple things like cupcakes and whimsical dots that bring us so much pleasure. So why not add a little whimsy to our lives? Because of this fun, new focus on whimsy, we’ve seen cupcakes and polkadots finding their way into even the most conventional lifestyles! Cupcake pillows and purses, fabrics sprinkled with delightful little cakes and colorful dots, framed prints of the grandest of cupcakes, piled high with whipped frosting and topped with a cherry, earrings dangling with the smallest of tasty confections. All a scrumptious reminder of the delight we feel when we take time to enjoy the simple things in life. The delight we feel when we let our inner child out to play, even if only for a moment. Grandmas and Grandpas are pulling up chairs and sipping tea from miniature china cups, the table spread with the palest pink and purple polka-dot cloth. Cupcakes are served on the finest china, the delight of sharing a special moment with your favorite daughter, granddaughter or child. These are the tiny pleasures, yet building memories for a lifetime.
Cupcakes and Polkadots remind us how easy it is to escape to a place where a little touch of whimsy can brighten a whole day. A bit of fun and delight in a world that can be demanding. All things whimsical have a place in our lives and each brings about smiles and wisps of childhood memories. Whether it is a fanciful collection or a whimsical element added to your decor, the hint of fun is a welcoming greeting to all. A ceramic cupcake, sitting amongst our heirloom teacups, a cupcake pillow, tossed on the chair by the bed, a set of brightly painted polkadot mugs, for afternoon hot cocoa by the fire, all an aide-memoire, to dream, and to remember. It only takes a moment to think back to a special day, remembering the things that delight and refresh our senses. And if you need a little help building your whimsical collection, the boutiques at Make Mine Pink would be a great place to start.

I am looking forward to seeing you all for this Whimsical Event!!
Huggs, Nancy

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Last Rose of Summer"

As fall approaches, I love to take my mug of morning coffee outdoors and walk along the rose bushes. The same bushes that offered an abundance of roses during the summer are starting to show a little thinning, each needing their winter’s rest. The enchanting blooms beg the question “Will these be the last roses of summer?” It is no wonder roses are the favorite flowers of so many people, me included. Their delicate petals are stronger than they appear against the wind and sun, their scent intoxicating. Their beauty is unquestionable. Some need very little attention and yet grab all of our attention. We seem to have a need to fill our homes with roses. Hand- painted roses pop up in pieces of furniture, framed as wall art, and even on our favorite wine goblets. We tuck antique tea cups featuring roses into unto what-not shelves. China cabinets are filled with our wedding sets, mine in blue roses, my sisters’ in pink roses. Curtains over our kitchen sinks have a delicate rose edging. Roses are woven into the damask linens we use to each day as we enjoy meals with our loved ones. A few roses pillows tucked here and there give a quick smile as we go about our fall nesting. A flickering candle fills the air with rose scents, and beautiful rose-shape soaps welcome out guests. Teas in rose flavors call us to sit by the fireplace and relax. Thanks Sharon for writing such a lovely piece!! I Hope you all will be able to join us this Friday for our themed shopping event, "Last Rose of Summer". All the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink are gearing up with some Beautiful products!!

Hope to see you then Friends!

Huggs, Nancy