Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ghastlies are Here!!!


Behind the scenes we ( 54 ) Ghastlie obsessed
Sistah- Stitchers have been rather busy, you could say.
We all have been stirring up some pretty GHASTLIE
projects, searching for a cure...
Your assistance is required...YOU are the
Prescription we are looking for..
A comment, of ohhs and ahhhs
that will help our flu...Are you ready?
It all begins tomorrow morning at the stroke
of MIDNIGHT ....tick tock tick tock..

OH Ghastlie....

If you have this thing for Ghastlies
and they have tied you in a knot
and you wish you could get them out of your mind
than this may be a thought.

We heard her plea for a cure
Mdm Samm was pos/it/ively sure
that we could stitch the nights away
in hopes that we MAY----
( all 54 of us)


The side effects are Ghastlie
there is no mistaking too.
if you don't run this very minute
YOU too will catch the FLU...

We suspected all along
this was her master plan
she did not want to be alone,
with all YOU Ghastlie FANS...

HERE is OUR Schedule.....
each name will link you to our Ghastlie
Be sure to leave them some comments
that will have their FLU....

ON Monday, October 24th

ON Tuesday October 25th

ON Wednesday October 26th

ON Thursday October 27th

ON Friday October 28th

ON Monday October 31st

ON Tuesday November 1st

ON Wednesday November 2nd

ON Thursday November 3rd

ON Friday November 4th

Each day we will have a giveaway...
Some of my Ghastlie Sistahs have made some special
projects to giveaway and we will have daily SPECIAL PRIZES
from sweeten the CAULDRON....

Enjoy this Ghastlie Blog Hop Sweet Friends!!
Nancy(aka: Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie)

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Ghastlie Event

We've all been warned by Madame Samm as you can see, not to shed a clue so all of this will be a huge Surprise for you!!
It's a Ghastlie Event starting October 24th at "Sew I Quilt" at the stroke of midnight each day 5 Ghastlie Blogs will share there Ghastlie Creations with you. All made from Alexander Henry's "Ghastlie" Fabric~ Lots of Wonderful Prizes will be given away each day through out the 10 day Event.

Here at Coeur d'Alene we will share our Surprise Creations along with a Give Away on Nov 4th, 2011. But don't don't wait until then, Oh No you will want to visit the participating Ghastlie Blogs of the day!!!

I will have a schedule posted here at 12:01 October 24th, you just won't want to miss a One!!!

Huggs, Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie

Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a PINK Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Remember way back when we(dating myself) stayed up with Linus for the Great Pumpkin to Arrive?

Tonight at midnight The Pink Pumpkin will arrive at Make Mine Pink as we celebrate our Pink Holiday Shop for the next 14 days!!! Lots of Treasures with a touch of Pink from participating Make Mine Pink Boutiques will grace the Shelves in our Holiday Shop. Treasures will be added daily so please stop by frequently and take a peek!!

10% of sale proceeds will be donated to the Pink Slipper Project, the #1 Charity of Make Mine Pink in honor of Domestic Violence Month. Here at Coeur d'Alene I will be matching our 10%!! Our little sister Boutique, Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations will be matching as well. If you are not familiar with the Pink Slipper Project please click on the highlighted link!!

I hope to see you in "The Pink Holiday Shop" in the next 2 weeks!!!

Pink Huggs,
Coeur d'Alene
Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations

Monday, October 3, 2011

"Comforts of Home" & "Seaside Fairy House"

Closing your eyes to imagine a place where:
pening the door you are greeted by your sweet furry pet's unconditional love;
aking apple, cinnamon muffins is top priority to start the day;
lowers placed in the Limogues vase graces the breakfast table;
range tablecloth and rust linen napkins set the tone for Fall;
elaxing around the oak farm table with family and friends; the laughter is so refreshing;
eacups brimming with hot chocolate and shortbread cookies on Haviland dishes;
ugar bowl and creamer from Bavaria placed near the silver spoons will greet us when we return.

October's bounty beckons us to get out into the brisk autumn air to explore the country lanes;
Finally home with a car full of apples, pumpkins, smiley faces and our antique stash of a pink pedestal dish, antique picture frames and brass candlesticks;

Home is where your soul rests and your spirit restores on
Overstuffed bed pillows, vintage chenille bedspreads and comforting multi-colored quilts;
agazines; a good book and a bone china English floral dish filled with chocolates on your bed side table;
veryone now off to dreamland after enjoying all the comforts of home and looking forward to a new day tomorrow.

Thanks to Susie Durrschmidt for this months Write up for our themed Shopping Events every Friday at Make Mine Pink!!

Now, to share another little Home of Comfort for a Little Seaside Fairy, this is my Little Fairy House for a Swap I am participating in at the "Once Upon a Dream" Art Event in Asheville, NC next week. We had such a variety of Swaps to choose from, I think their were 8 or 9 total. I chose 3. I hope tomorrow night to show you the results of another Swap I am in.

Shells that we collected here on our Beach, I Glittered then glued them on to this little house with all kinds of Baubles, Flowers, Tulle, Sea Glass, Lace, Pearls, Twinkle Ribbon, etc. I really had a great time putting this all together. I think a little Little Fairy would like to live here, don't you?

Thanks for stopping by!!!

Huggs, Nancy