Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hello Spring, It's been a long time!

Hello Spring. It's been a long time!
I have longed to throw open my doors & feel your light warm breeze upon my skin, to open my eyes and see a fresh magnificent palette of inspiration for myself and my home.

Just what will I see today? White Daisies or a field of Yellow Tulips against a Blue Sky for the tablecloth I would like to drape over my table.

A field of Lavender with their hues of Purple, or Pink & Red Rosebuds in their foliage so lush against White Clouds. Like the Hankies I lay over the Curtain Rods in the Guest Bath.

Bluebells or White Lily of the Valley after your Spring Rain with the hint of a sparkle in the water droplets as the bright sun dances off of them, possibly a new Duvet Cover for the Celebration of welcoming you.

Will it be a the sea of color from the Wildflowers growing up the hill down the old country road, possibly a new Needlepoint, Wall Hanging, or Pillow to enlighten a room.

Maybe the gentle Baby's Breath that will fill my planters or the free flowing Flowered Branches of the Porch side tree, like the french knots in a new embroidered Dresser Scarf or crocheted Doilies for my tabletops.

Just what will you create in my Interior Design Dreams of today?

Please visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink to help you fill your home with the magnificent palette of the Colors of Spring.

Guest Writer:

Photo Contribution 1: The Polka Dot Rose | Photo Contribution 2: Caroline Alexander

Sometimes I surprise myself. Yes, moi composed this MMP Pink Friday Shopping piece. I think I Love Spring as much as I do Shopping. I hope to see you this Friday as we kick off the Month of March with our themed Shopping Event every Friday, "Colors of Spring"

Ta~Ta for now Sweet Friends!
Huggs, Nancy
Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung .........

Hello Friends,
Meet my New Friends! My Studio was clearly needing a touch of Spring and so did I.

I think everyone knows I am not by any means a lover of Birds. Remember 2 Springs ago when Miss Candy Cardinal moved into the Artificial Fig Tree outside my Office door? Just watching her raise her little tweeps, teaching them to fly......kind of left a imprint on my heart. Since then I have started to notice Birds, really notice the Cute Ones!!It was time I guess when I ran across these empty wreaths in a Boutique last Summer in Seattle. I brought them home and they sat on the shelf until the right time.I decided one morning to freshen up some of my Millinery Flowers for a couple of Easter Projects, I opened the it was, the 'right' time when my eyes hit the box of the petite flowers first. Like a little bird learning to fly I was all a flutter in the Studio gathering elements for these little Wreaths. Millinery Flowers, Pearls, Lace, are just my faves to work with. But I needed more than a standard decorated little wreath.........they needed a purpose, something special..............they needed Cute Little Birds~There are more to come, and they can all be found at our Little Sister Boutique, Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations. A Little Pink Boutique over at Make Mine Pink.

What Spring Creations are you working on?

Thanks for Stopping by!!
Huggs, Nancy
Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations