Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I just LOVE my Office, and my Studio!! I spend most of my day in my Office, and I want it Pretty. Please join us for "Office Chic", a themed Shopping event this Friday, ONLY at

When I look around at all the beautiful and creative work spaces of my peers, I can’t help but notice that a new trend in office decorating has emerged. Office and studio spaces are no longer drab, monotonous and strictly functional. Instead, the utilitarian look we usually expect in work spaces is being replaced by chic and feminine d├ęcor. More and more, I'm seeing office spaces that are fashionable, fun and full of creativity – just like the women who use them.

Take your office furniture, for example. Your chair, desk and work table don't need to look boring to be comfortable and practical. In fact, it's easy to take ordinary furnishings and create a look that's chic and inspiring. A light and airy slip cover will freshen up an old desk chair. A coat of pale blue paint will give new life to an old desk. Add some whimsical drawer pulls or fabulous decals to complete the picture. Let your imagination help you create a peaceful place – one where you will enjoy spending so many hours of your day.

Unexpected embellishments make everyday office items pretty and fun, while still being useful. Try adding a clipboard that's been trimmed with beautiful papers, tied with ribbon and hung on a decorative hook until it's needed. It's a useful and now beautiful accessory. Vintage and antique items can serve in unusual ways to make your work space even prettier. A stack of file folders, propped up in a vintage wire basket, adds just the right amount of chic to the corner of a desk, and will work great for keeping you organized.

When you work in a space that is pretty as well as calming, your imagination and creativity will flourish. I know that I immediately feel more relaxed and creative when I'm surrounded by calming colors and chic accessories. Try breathing new life into your own office space by adding chic and feminine touches, and watch your creativity soar to new heights.

Have a Great week Sweet Friends!!!!
Huggs, Nancy


  1. Nancy, I love your clipboard! And to be so organized would be a dream come true!

    Love your site!


  2. Nice post, Nancy! I love that clipboard in your first picture. This is so true and I try to surround myself with pretty but functional things on my desk at home.

  3. Getting ready to put my own office back in order - great inspirations!!!