Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Expressions in a Bottle"

Good Morning Sweet Friends!
I finely stole some time to make what I have wanted to make what seems like Forever! I Love sending Cards with a little treasure enclosed. The concept of the message in the bottle has always intrigued me, something a little mysterious about it. And the bottle it floated around in, would always be a keepsake. So I created my own, "Expressions in a Bottle" and I Love the way they turned out! The sky is the limit when it comes to embellishing these special treasures. Then I was able to find a Custom made shipping box to send them off in. Instead of a little sand in the bottom, I put together a little mix together of Lavender & Lace Potpourri(My favorite from Patricia Rose Pot~Pourri), some little shells that I brought back from Cape Cod last Spring and some petite clippings of Vintage Lace. The first two sets I put in my B&M stores, they didn't last long and I even had a couple request for Custom Made Bottles for "Happy Birthday". Then I was able to make a batch up for my website. I absolutely LOVE making them!! If your interested you can find them here. And please contact me if you would like one Custom Made. Enjoy my Friends, I am off to the Studio to make a few more. Have a Great Day Sweet Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

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