Thursday, May 28, 2009

Join Coeur d'Alene this Friday as we celebrate with Make Mine for

The Secret Garden at Make Mine Pink

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 29, 2009 as we present "The Secret Garden"
Discover a secret garden, a sacred place that refreshes your senses and feeds your soul. Whether purposefully planted - like grapevines carefully twisted along a white painted arbor - or tended by nature's hand - a colorful explosion of wildflowers in a forgotten field - you'll recognize your own by the little flutter you feel inside. A place that inspires new dreams and renews forgotten strengths. It could be bold... like a spring garden of bright red tulips, with a friendly plaque that says "Welcome friends." Or rows of dahlias in strawberry, sherbert, and lipstick pinks, lining a garden pathway. Perhaps it's delicate as dainty hearts bleeding from a hidden bush, or a single lily, whose petals are beginning to open in the sun. A perfectly pruned rosebush in a landscaped yard, or a topiary of French roses placed on the patio for everyone to enjoy. An untamed daisy bush that decided to spring up in a hidden corner, and catch your eye whenever you look out your kitchen window. A leafy hosta surrounded by blue forget-me-nots and ceramic mushrooms. Orderly pink and purple fuchsias trailing from painted pots, accompanied by a tea cup bird feeder.

Or does your own secret garden flourish indoors? A garden embroidered along the edge of a vintage linen tablecloth, or decorating the notepaper and envelopes you keep on your writing table. Romantic peach rosebuds encircling a china plate. French ribbon roses, and hand-built ceramic roses added to dresser drawers and empty table tops. A floral pattern on a vintage handkerchief. Fleur-de-lis carved into a white display shelf. A vintage needlepoint of pink stargazer lilies surrounded by burgundy roses. A garden of photographs and memories, sprinkled with tiny flowers. Secret gardens, wherever they may lie, fill our days with sacred places and secret sanctuaries.
Photo Contribution 1: Angel Heart Designs Photo Contribution 2: Carol's Rose Garden
Joyce Lucas,Founder

Friday, May 22, 2009

Join Coeur d'Alene as we Celebrate
Cherished Memories at Make Mine Pink

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday May 22, 2009 as we present "Cherished Memories"

the bottom of a hope chest.Old photographs, yellowed with age. Dad's pocket watch, the hands of time still ticking. Maybe slower than before. A delicate needlepoint, not quite completed, wrapped in tissue and waiting to be rediscovered on

Pieces of the past, your most cherished memories, seeking a place in the present. The faces in the photo may have grown up or passed on. The fingers that wound the watch and pulled the needle now lie still. But these memories remain, and ask to live again.

Much loved tablecloths, used for special family occasions. Grandma's rhinestone brooch, tarnished with years, but twinkling with the possibility of renewed life. Scented letters bound with a faded ribbon, tucked away for a granddaughter to read of a great love.

Cherished memories that make your lips smile and your eyes shine. Maybe you'll set the table with your mother's cloth, and tell everyone about your favorite family Christmas when you were a child. You could brighten up the dulled brooch and pin it on your favorite church dress. Perhaps it's not the right time to share your letters with your granddaughter, but tonight could be a good night to tell her a story about when you were young. Old French perfume bottles lining a bedroom shelf. Antique silver spoons with intricate designs, soon to be polished and repurposed into delicate silver jewelry. Cozy quilts stitched from well-loved clothing.Your most cherished memories, much too precious to remain hidden. You feel a little flutter as each is carefully uncovered and made new. Everyone will wonder what great secret lies behind your sudden sparkle, but the feeling is too powerful for words. Joyce Lucas, Founder