Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mothers Day Week End 2015

Other than Birthdays/Holidays rarely do both my Girls and Granddaughters all get to spend time together.  Danielle, my oldest, flies all over the world with her job.  Lauren, on the other hand is always busy with my 3 sweet Granddaughters.  It was a wonderful change of pace on Mothers Day Saturday as Lauren put together a outing for all of us a Paint a Plate in Olympia.  I have never been there and really didn't know the business existed.  Paint a Plate offers hundreds of Ceramic Items to be painted by you, then they fire and glaze the pieces.  Pick up time of your Treasures is about 5 days after the painting is completed.  Needless to say I got to paint with my Granddaughters~
Johanna, 5, chose a Trinket Box for my Nightstand to put my Jewelry in.  You are given a Palate of Paint colors that are numbered and the corresponding numbered Paint Bottles sit in the wire basket on the Table.  You put a few drops of your chosen color(s) on a tile coaster and paint your piece from there
Audra, 3, chose a Coffee Mug for me with Polka Dots(her fav)
Johanna painting her Chevron Design in different colors.  Each Color takes 4 coats of this quick drying paint, in order for the color to show up after firing.
Audra is making progress with her Blue Polka Dots and Pink Background.
Lauren with sweet Baby Rose (3 months).  Danielle was able to come along and is working on a Mug and Tray Set.  Audra's finished Mug in my hand is ready for Kiln.

On Sunday, Danielle took us out to our Annual Mothers Day Brunch at Stanfords in Seattle.

Thank~You so much Girls, Mom had a Wonderful Week~end!!

Thanks friends for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed a bit of my week end.  I also hope you had a Fabulous Week End too!!

Huggs, Nancy

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  1. Hi Sweet Friend, Looks like such a wonderful Mother's Day. So glad you all had fun painting and going to brunch.
    I've been thinking of you too and so nice to see you. Thank you for stopping by.
    The medium for the fabric painting is called Textile Medium and it is by Creamcoat but others in the paint section are just as good. Just make sure it says Textile Medium that mixes with your acrylic paints. Directions are on the bottle.

    Have a great week and blessings to you.
    Hugs, CM