Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Container Gardening in the PNW~

Last year we moved into our Home right before planting Season.  As we bought the house during the Winter months, other than the Foliage and 4 Apple Trees I had no idea what the previous Owner had planted here.  So I took a guess and planted a small Garden of Tomatoes, Peppers, Peas, and Beans in a patch below my Kitchen Window, and put a Herb Garden in Pots.  Come to find out that area was just the Best!  This year I wanted to plant our usual Garden prior to this house, so I did Containers.  I thought I would grab a few shots since we had to move all the Patio stuff to one area so that my Newly built Potter's Bench made by hubby could be moved from the Garage to it's Permanent Location.

Vine Sugar Snap Peas I put in this Hanging Planter......yes, that's Saran Wrap.  Our Feathered Friends thought the Lining was for their Homes....and yes they have tried to pull off the Saran Wrap!

More Vine Sugar Snaps and a Planter each of Baby Red & Baby Gold Potatoes.  To the left of the Fencing is a future project.
The Rectangle Planter up front contains Baby Beets, behind it in the Blue Handle Pot are Stringless Green Beans and since I took these photos last week the Bean Stalk is now to the top of the pole.  To the Right are Cherry Tomatoes.
Up Front a Pot of Basil, to the Left is one of the Apple Trees.
From the Left here I have Spaghetti Squash, a Pot of Yellow and Red Peppers, Zucchini and a Pot of Roma Tomatoes.  I picked up a Vintage Baby Crib as I needed some of the pieces for a project, but didn't need the Springs.  Thinking that these Squashes will climb I thought it would look kind of Cool here.  
Continuing down under the Kitchen Window I have one of my Lavenders, which brings in a few Pollinators, Honey Bear Squash, another Roma in the Blue Pot and to the Right of it my Cukes.  The outside of the House is also going to be painted this Summer or Next.  Our Wonderful HOA has decided on a Variety of PNW colors for our Homes, each Home Owners expense of course.
Last years Strawberry Plant, some Basil, Bush Sugar Peas and Cilantro in the Pink Container.  In the Back ground on the Little Chairs are Garlic Chives and Rosemary.

Baby Carrots~
My outdoor Play Station~  I still have to stain her and give her some Personal Touches, but I just Love it!!  Thank~You Nick ;)
I found this Charming Swing at a Re Sale Barn.  It's one of my favorite Spots to Shop, the Owner buys at Storage Auctions and does Estate Sales.  We brought our White Iron Set from Florida, however as you can see I am re doing the Seats.  Even out here in the wet North West we still have to set the Sprinkler System for 4 times a week per the County Schedule.  I like Lush Green Grass so I do fill in with a little Sprinkler now and then.  
My Little Cherubs even stop by to help, a little snack is always ready for their visits~

Thanks for stopping by to see this Summer Garden in it's early stages.  I hope to bring you a Prettier Version when it's all put back together~

I hope your enjoying a Beautiful Summer Day!!

Huggs, Nancy


  1. I have never been lucky with containers for gardening, except for a couple flower pots...all my veggies go into a raised bed...YOURS seems to thrive, love the idea f the mini carrots and herbs, you have plenty to have many sweet delights..your cherubs look perfect in your garden surroundings

  2. Hi Nancy, you certainly have a green thumb my friend. Just look at your gorgeous blooms. I love your potting bench. What a gorgeous piece and I know you are so enjoying it. Your hubby did a wonderful job on it. The little ones are just too cute. Lovely pic at their sweet table. Blessings to you and yours for a special 4th of July.

  3. Nancy your little garden pots are adorable - what a great idea! Beautiful, too!

  4. You have a really fun garden and I'm sure the little ones are well on their way to be gardeners themselves!! larry