Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big, BIG Game Day!

Back in late August I was just having one of those days and just needed a break from unpacking.  I needed a big diversion and recently Mr. CDA and I had wondered over to our closest Casino, 9 miles away.  

So I was on my way for an afternoon at the Slots!  I went directly to the Players club to have my card swiped to get in on the Big drawings of the day and wandered over to my favorite slot machine.  Bummer someone else was there, so I headed to the back of the Casino to look for something else that caught my eye.  

In a instant I heard my name being called over the Casino Speaker to return to the Players Club, "you have 2 minutes" was her second sentence.  Oh crap in the huge maze of games I had to figure a way back up to the front in 2 minutes.  Just as I was approaching I heard my name again, and waved my arm, "I'm coming, I'm right here" I shouted.  There was a crowd around the lady with the microphone, my mind was just rushing 'what is this all about'!

I had WON!  A Suite Box to the Seahawks at Century Link Field!  OMG, my husband was going to flip!  Plus, now I had to tell him where I spent the afternoon!  After signing all the necessary paperwork, taxes and all I was on my way.  Then I had to fight the crowd of folks who wanted to buy the Suite from me, No Way!  This was our Introduction to Washington Football, in a especially 'suite' way~

So here we are, Seahawks playing the SF 49's.  We didn't know what to expect never having been in a Suite Box before so I was loaded down with warm clothes.  But it was all glass enclosed and toasty warm.  Our box was right in the middle of the field, perfect!
As we waited for our beloved Seahawks to take the field we lavished upon hot & cold Appetizers, Beverages, and Drinks.
Smoke flows from the towers as the Seahawks take the field~
It was amazing how fast this flag was rolled out to full form, and it was rolled up just as fast, pure precision~
And it's Kick~Off!  Remember the Game for the Loudest Team?  This was it hitting 137.9 on the scale.  Prior to half time we were brought in Dinner, various hot meats, poultry, Shrimp and fish.  Salads, Rolls, etc.  Then the most decadent 3 tiered Dessert Cart arrived, I was so excited about this cart I forgot to take a picture.  Heck this whole day was exciting!  and our Seahawks Won!

After this event we were addicted to our beloved Seahawks, and we saw them work hard every game to get to where they are today!   Our Blessings to them for a Safe & Successful Super Bowl Game!

Our everlasting Thanks to the Nisqually Red Wind Casino in Olympia, WA for offering an awesome opportunity to their Customers, and Carla from Red Wind, she is a Marketing Queen!


Huggs, Nancy

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