Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday~ Sales & FREE Shipping

     I hope you all had a wonderful Week end!!
Here's the Plan for Cyber Monday at Coeur d'Alene~

35% Off continues on all Heartwood Creek/Jim Shore Products, and there are sale prices on about 95% of the Items on the Website, as well as FREE Shipping until Midnight Monday Night.

All Crochet Items in our Handmade Etsy Shop, Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations are 25% Off with FREE Shipping too.

Last but not least we still have a few Holiday Hankies left in our Vintage Etsy Shop, Coeur d'Alene.  I hope to have another batch ready for next week~end.  Our Vintage Linens always ship for FREE as well.

I hope you all have a Great Day & find some Super Bargains!

Nancy, Danielle and Lauren


  1. Hi Nancy, So nice to meet you. I just found your blog after visiting Kathy's post again. Thanks again for your order. You have a lovely shop too and some gorgeous treasures. So enjoyed my visit here on your lovely blog.
    I hope you enjoy your snowlady ornaments. They are on the way in the morning.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  2. Hi again Nancy. I was going to follow, but I guess I already do follow but lost touch for some time. Hope to see you again soon now that I am back in touch.

  3. Hi Nancy ~ You won my giveaway {the mini pillow}! I just need your mailing information. My email is kpassarette {at} yahoo {dot} com. Congrats!

  4. Hi Nancy, i came across one of your photo could have been from last are certainly are missed...
    Mdm samm all the best in2014

  5. Hi Nancy, thank you for stopping by and your kind comment. I have so enjoyed my visit to your blog and must have visited in the past because I am a follower already. I guess we do lose touch with those we visit as time marches on. So glad to connect with you now however and also on etsy.
    Your shops are beautiful. Love your sidebar with your darling grand daughter.
    Have a blessed Sunday and talk to you soon with your shipping info.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  6. OMG who has themselves a sexy new profile picture????? YOU DO so cute!