Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"Last Rose of Summer"

As fall approaches, I love to take my mug of morning coffee outdoors and walk along the rose bushes. The same bushes that offered an abundance of roses during the summer are starting to show a little thinning, each needing their winter’s rest. The enchanting blooms beg the question “Will these be the last roses of summer?” It is no wonder roses are the favorite flowers of so many people, me included. Their delicate petals are stronger than they appear against the wind and sun, their scent intoxicating. Their beauty is unquestionable. Some need very little attention and yet grab all of our attention. We seem to have a need to fill our homes with roses. Hand- painted roses pop up in pieces of furniture, framed as wall art, and even on our favorite wine goblets. We tuck antique tea cups featuring roses into unto what-not shelves. China cabinets are filled with our wedding sets, mine in blue roses, my sisters’ in pink roses. Curtains over our kitchen sinks have a delicate rose edging. Roses are woven into the damask linens we use to each day as we enjoy meals with our loved ones. A few roses pillows tucked here and there give a quick smile as we go about our fall nesting. A flickering candle fills the air with rose scents, and beautiful rose-shape soaps welcome out guests. Teas in rose flavors call us to sit by the fireplace and relax. Thanks Sharon for writing such a lovely piece!! I Hope you all will be able to join us this Friday for our themed shopping event, "Last Rose of Summer". All the Boutiques at Make Mine Pink are gearing up with some Beautiful products!!

Hope to see you then Friends!

Huggs, Nancy


  1. What a lovely stroll .....roses are my favorites, the orange ones always capture my heart.

    Happy Day Nancy!

  2. We had such horrible heat and humidity ths Summer, Nancy, that I really missed out on spending some time in my backyard and enjoying my roses. Mine will usually push out flowers until October, so I'm hoping I'll at least get to enjoy the tail end!

  3. I love roses too - so much. Like you, I have them all over my home, and I love to paint them, too - but my garden roses have just survived the summer. Thank goodness my dear hubs watered them a LOT - and the sweet little dears tried their best to blossom, and did, but the tiniest little things popped out. We are cutting them back this weekend for the cooler weather. I live in the desert, so our seasons are so different than most. My fall and Christmas roses should be lovely.

  4. Hi Sweetness,

    I am working on more of my large and luscious charms. I'll let you know when they are up for sale sweet pea.

    Have a warm weekend. lol

    xo Cathy

  5. Hi Nancy, gorgeous blog you have here. Making Memories Slice. It is a die cut machine. Mostly used by scrapbookers and card makers, however i have seen them for sale at my local quilt shop. Love it!