Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Colors of Summer" ~ MMP Shopping Event

MMP Friday Shopping Event August 6th "Colors of Summer"

Summer rushes in with a burst of color that delights the senses. Where the colors of spring are subtle and soothing, the colors of summer are bold and energizing. The sun shines bright, the skies are an azure blue, and you can almost envision the sights and sounds of summer fun that awaits you on the horizon. The bright, clear colors, excite our senses and encourage us to relax and play.

Colorful planters and dishes are brought out of storage and bright colored linens, freshened up for summer use.
It doesn’t matter what your year round decor is, the summer calls for colors that are bright and whimsical. Colors that say, come join us for some laughter and fun.

Chairs fill your living space, draped with colorful throws and cushions. Summer fruits and brightly colored birds and flowers, make their way into your summer decor. A simple corner, now ablaze with the colors of summer.

This is a season of vacations and celebrations that are meant to be shared with family and good friends. Dining tables are moved onto the patio or under the shade of a large oak tree in the garden. The brightest vintage tablecloths draped casually over mismatched tables, all reminiscent of another time, bursting with memories.

Mismatched dishes in bright summer colors are used to serve the summer fare. Fresh berries and bright yellow lemons, fill bowls and glass pitchers. Colorful vases are filled with fresh cut flowers is all shades of summer. Nothing needs to be coordinated, nothing looks out of place. The colors of popsicles and beach balls, strawberry shortcake and pink lemonade, bring us back to our childhood. Memories flood in and new memories are made.

Visit the boutiques at Make Mine Pink and capture your own special times, reminiscent of the colors of summer.

I hope to see 'You All this Week~End'!!

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