Saturday, June 30, 2012

We've Been Featured!!

To me there is always something very Special about being Featured on someone else's Blog.  Especially when you have been voted by your Peers!!  Yesterday I received the most exciting News from Susie at Bowdabra Blog!!  One of my Wreaths I posted in her Saturday Showcase from my "Sweet Twinkle Stars" Etsy Shop had received the most Clicks!!  I had been chosen to be Featured, you can see it here.

A very Special Thank~You to Susie and the Bowdabra Blog Followers and Visitors who liked my Candylights Americana Heart Wreath!!!

Every Saturday Susie's Saturday Showcase on the Bowdabra Blog offers Crafters and Etsy Shops to Link  up to five Items.  Which I think is pretty Neat!!  Most Link Parties are just for Blog post, which I read a lot of them.  Not being much of a Blogger I really appreciate the ability to be able to link up my Creations from my Etsy Shop.

I hope to see more of my Etsy Shop friends linking in the Future on Susie's Blog!!

Have a Great Week end Friends!!

Nancy, Danielle, Lauren


  1. Yea, congratulations, that was a cute wreath, I can see why you won!


  2. Congrats on being featured! Your wreath is beautiful and it's easy to see why it was the most clicked link!

  3. Don't see anything red white and back later

  4. Nancy,
    I was just thinking about you and knew I have not heard from you in a while. I am going to be doing the November 2nd Fancy Flea. The last time I did it you were my vendor neighbor....Goodness, that seems like a long time ago! Hope all is well!?