Friday, March 7, 2014

Love Totes for my Cherubs

I wanted to write this about 3 weeks ago but I had a little incident and my Sciatic Nerve got in the way.  So sitting was out of the scope for awhile, but I am feeling so much better!!

I want to share these Valentine Totes I made for my Granddaughters, along with the Goodies I made and filled them with.  I had so much fun and it really brought back memories of days long ago.
I made them each a little different with the size and the Trim. I put Pockets on each side of the outside,
and one on each side of the inside.  These Girls love pockets in their Handbags and Totes.
For Johanna, I made Stacked Hairbows, Headbands, Pony Holders and sewed embellishments on fluffy footies.  I found some Heart decorated Band aids, and a Hello Kitty Pez Key Chain, and finished it off with some Conversation Hearts Candy, and a little Chocolate.
For Audra it was pretty much the same with the exception of the Footies(she won't wear them), and I found a Baby Hello Kitty Pez Key Chain.
I also made them a Crocheted Heart Necklace to pack in a Pocket.
After I packed them up, I felt they still needed a little something more so I embellished a couple of Wands, that I think I picked up at Michael's awhile back.  Now they looked complete, so off I went to deliver them.
Johanna on the left and Audra on the right, didn't take much time pulling out each goodie, and checking out what the other had.
Ooohs and Aaahs.....

and Foil wrapped Chocolate Coins...  I think they liked their Valentine Tote Bags that Mimmie made.....

Have a Great Day Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

Sunday, February 23, 2014

ECS Sweet Heart Swap~

Good Morning Friends,
Did you do any Swaps for the Valentine's Day Holiday?  Over at Etsy Cottage Style Debbi started a "Sweet Heart Swap".  My partner Linda R. in Canada, she also has 2 cute Etsy Shops!  Cranberry Cottage and Wee Beginnings  I like doing Swaps when I have the time because I love doing all the detail that goes into the presentation and gifts.  At least that's my style.  I'll share what I sent to Linda, and when I receive her box I'll share it too.  I know it's late but Linda has quite a job that keeps her on the Road about 7 days out of 7 ;)
Here's the lot of loot, all of it fit into the Red and White Box except for the Heart Wall Hanging I made, and the Gorgeous Hand Painted White Plate I bought for Linda from Celestina of Celestina Marie Designs on Etsy.  Celestina does such gorgeous work, and to me has the perfect Blog!  Both of these pieces went into separate gift boxes.
I included of course Chocolates, Several types of Vintage Linens, Cards I printed off (bought from the Cameoshoppe on Etsy) and wrapped with Seam Binding, Ceramic Eyelet Candleholders, Ceramic Hug Bear, Swarovski Heart Key Ring, Novelty Pin and Earrings that I embellished, Valentines day Jelly Bellies in a jar I embellished, Rose Scented Candylight 5W Bulb.......
Here you can see a better shot of the Hand painted plate from Celeste(gotta love those Roses), a crocheted Basket in the background to fill with the crocheted Heart fillers by Moi, some Digital Cards and Tags, Lace bag of Dove Chocolates.  Linda's house is decorated in shades of Pink and Sage, so I tried to stay with those colors.
I made this painted Canvas Wall Hanging with assorted embellished Hearts.  On my Monitor the background on the Canvas looks Aqua, but it's not.  It's Sage.  This was fun and I have a few more in progress in different themes by request.
Here's the Box all packed up!  I picked up the Box minus the Fairy from Michael's.  I can't remember where I found the Fairy Graphic but my hubby carefully cut off all the background she was on and I embellished her with various Martha Stewart Glittters(hers are the very best, in my humble opinion).  I used Mod Podge to adhere her to the top of the box and added a Vintage Dangling Rhinestone Earring to the end of her wand for a little bling.

I hope you all had a Wonderful Valentine's Day!!

Huggs, Nancy

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Little Valentine Love~

I have seen so many Unique Creations out here in the Blog World and on Pinterest.  Here are just a few things from the Studio for Valentines Day.  In a few days I'll be able to show you what I sent my Sweetheart Swap Partner through Etsy Cottage Style.  The Vintage Etsy Shop has some Valentine Hankies,   the following are listed in my Handmade Etsy Shop, "Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations"~


There are several New Listings in the Coeur d'Alene Boutique for Spring, and browse through our Winter Clearance when you get a chance.  It's pretty full of 2013 final markdowns starting at 40% off and up!

Have a Great Day Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Big, BIG Game Day!

Back in late August I was just having one of those days and just needed a break from unpacking.  I needed a big diversion and recently Mr. CDA and I had wondered over to our closest Casino, 9 miles away.  

So I was on my way for an afternoon at the Slots!  I went directly to the Players club to have my card swiped to get in on the Big drawings of the day and wandered over to my favorite slot machine.  Bummer someone else was there, so I headed to the back of the Casino to look for something else that caught my eye.  

In a instant I heard my name being called over the Casino Speaker to return to the Players Club, "you have 2 minutes" was her second sentence.  Oh crap in the huge maze of games I had to figure a way back up to the front in 2 minutes.  Just as I was approaching I heard my name again, and waved my arm, "I'm coming, I'm right here" I shouted.  There was a crowd around the lady with the microphone, my mind was just rushing 'what is this all about'!

I had WON!  A Suite Box to the Seahawks at Century Link Field!  OMG, my husband was going to flip!  Plus, now I had to tell him where I spent the afternoon!  After signing all the necessary paperwork, taxes and all I was on my way.  Then I had to fight the crowd of folks who wanted to buy the Suite from me, No Way!  This was our Introduction to Washington Football, in a especially 'suite' way~

So here we are, Seahawks playing the SF 49's.  We didn't know what to expect never having been in a Suite Box before so I was loaded down with warm clothes.  But it was all glass enclosed and toasty warm.  Our box was right in the middle of the field, perfect!
As we waited for our beloved Seahawks to take the field we lavished upon hot & cold Appetizers, Beverages, and Drinks.
Smoke flows from the towers as the Seahawks take the field~
It was amazing how fast this flag was rolled out to full form, and it was rolled up just as fast, pure precision~
And it's Kick~Off!  Remember the Game for the Loudest Team?  This was it hitting 137.9 on the scale.  Prior to half time we were brought in Dinner, various hot meats, poultry, Shrimp and fish.  Salads, Rolls, etc.  Then the most decadent 3 tiered Dessert Cart arrived, I was so excited about this cart I forgot to take a picture.  Heck this whole day was exciting!  and our Seahawks Won!

After this event we were addicted to our beloved Seahawks, and we saw them work hard every game to get to where they are today!   Our Blessings to them for a Safe & Successful Super Bowl Game!

Our everlasting Thanks to the Nisqually Red Wind Casino in Olympia, WA for offering an awesome opportunity to their Customers, and Carla from Red Wind, she is a Marketing Queen!


Huggs, Nancy

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday~ Sales & FREE Shipping

     I hope you all had a wonderful Week end!!
Here's the Plan for Cyber Monday at Coeur d'Alene~

35% Off continues on all Heartwood Creek/Jim Shore Products, and there are sale prices on about 95% of the Items on the Website, as well as FREE Shipping until Midnight Monday Night.

All Crochet Items in our Handmade Etsy Shop, Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations are 25% Off with FREE Shipping too.

Last but not least we still have a few Holiday Hankies left in our Vintage Etsy Shop, Coeur d'Alene.  I hope to have another batch ready for next week~end.  Our Vintage Linens always ship for FREE as well.

I hope you all have a Great Day & find some Super Bargains!

Nancy, Danielle and Lauren

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks

I am Thank~full for so much in my Life, just as I am sure you are too.  Isn't it great though that in our Country we get to have a special day to Celebrate with Family and Friends just how Thank~full we are for all that we have and for all that we are able to do for others.

Wishing you ALL an Wonderful and Safe Thanksgiving Day!!

With Smiles and Huggs we are so Thank~full for you dear friend,
Nancy, Danielle, Lauren, Johanna Grace and Audra too  (Handmade Shop)  (Vintage Shop)

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Congratulations to our Holiday Kick~Off Winner!

Thank~You to All of you who entered our Holiday Give~Away!!

Our Holiday Winner is #26,  Eileen from Down the Lane with Daisy

It really seems that with all the advertising and the Thanksgiving Holiday being late this year we are all feeling the rush of the Christmas Season.  I know I am, but I have come to the conclusion it's time to slow down and just enjoy each day of what gets done.  I hope you will all be able to do the same!

Happy Holidays and Thanks again friends New and Old for entering our Give Away!

Huggs, Nancy  (my vintage shop)    (my handmade shop)

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