Monday, September 26, 2011

Once Upon A Dream~

In 2 short weeks from today I will be Asheville, NC bound, I just can't express in words just how excited I am!! Part I of this lovely 'Once Upon A Dream' Art Event is our Over the Top, Market Vendor Night! Incredible Vendors selling the most lovely Jewelry, Home, Art, and Craft Supplies!!

I will be there with Everything Candylights! Bulbs, Stands, and Special Treats too! Especially the Coeur d'Alene designed 'Fairytale Dreams' Candylight Strand will make it's first Public Debut!

If you are near the Asheville, NC area please come by and see us at this Magical Market Event!! If you have any questions, I can relay them to our Lovely Hostess Jennifer Hayslip or you can contact her direct by her email

Please come and enjoy the Excitement of this Magical night with all of us!!!

Magical Dreams & Fairytale Huggs,
Coeur d'Alene
Sweet Twinkle Stars & Sugar Plum Creations

1 comment:

  1. Hi Nancy
    I've been wanting some PINK candy lights for a long time. We don't have them here in Canada. I'm hoping to buy some from you at Vendor's night. Most probably a few PINK strands.
    May I ask why COEUR D'ALENE? I'm French, and curious.
    You can tell me next Thursday when I meet you.
    I can't wait.