Thursday, August 18, 2011

"A Romantic Retreat" at Make Mine Pink

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What does a romantic retreat mean to you? A romantic retreat is any personal place that evokes emotions of romance and can be a different experience from one person to another.

Is it a simple Summer picnic on the grounds of an arboretum surrounded by cascading rose bushes? The heirloom picnic basket set down on the cherished quilt is filled with delectable accoutrements to be enjoyed on colorful Nippon China plates as we sip refreshment out of odd and end champagne glasses. Nearby we hear the sounds of the music wafting from the students practicing their violins to Chopin and Bach.

Is it a week at the beach cottage where the living is easy? Early morning strolling the beach finding the sea glass to fill our Mason jars and having an unspoken contest as to whom will find the most coveted blue glass. Listening to the tide lapping as we sit fireside at night, stuffing ourselves with toasted marshmallows and snuggling under Grandma's time worn quilts as we count the stars grateful for the times hold near and dear.

Is it lying on the hammock under the big elm where dappled sunlight glistens over the stack of vintage romance novels? There is nothing more romantic than a good love story on a Summer's day. I pick up a wild daisy nearby...he loves me....he loves me not...he loves me;

LinkDo we need to travel abroad to find a romantic retreat? It is no further than our own cozy cottage; be it near the sea shore, a cabin by the lake or up in the mountains. It is home on a rainy day cozy amongst our overstuffed chairs, crisp white lace curtains billowing in the breeze, needlepoint and embroidered pillows beckoning us to curl up and stay a while. It is up in our attics with Grandma's collections spilling out of the boxes; old frames, post cards, chiffon dresses; millinery and elegant gloves of days gone by.

Please stop by the boutiques at Make Mine Pink today for ideas to help you create or find your own romantic retreat.

Guest Writer, Susie Durrschmidt The Polkadot Rose
In collaboration with Heidi Wollman

Image provided by Shabby Shan's Cottage

Have a Wonderful Day Friends!!
Huggs, Nancy

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  1. Hi Nancy, I noticed that you are from Coeur d'Alene on the comment you left on my blog post. I had to visit your site. My dad,step-mom and sister live there. I lived there between the ages of 5-8 until my parents divorced and my mom moved us back to New York. Coeur d,Alene is so beautiful and we love visiting. Seeing your comment made me smile!!
    Sabrina from Poppies and Pinwheels