Sunday, April 18, 2010

I think it was 45 years ago..

that I last played with Paper Dolls. Then I just moved right on into the world of Barbie. This week I am attending the Southern Art Event "Petticoats & Parasols" hosted by Jennifer Hayslip down in Savannah, GA. We all know how much I Love the Southern Hospitality. One of the fun things we are having is a "Paper Doll" Swap. We had to make 6, so I thought before I package them up I would share my Sweet Creations with you. When I return I will introduce you to all of the Beautiful Southern Belles that have come home to live with me.

Thank~You Sherry Williams for organizing such a Fun Swap!!

I will be Posting Pics of another Fun Event later this Evening, TTFN

Huggs, Nancy


  1. Oh my, they are so pretty Nancy! I loved paper dolls, too. I remember when I was little when I wanted something new in a paper doll I used to cut up my Mom's old catalogs.

  2. Have a great time Nancy!

    Love the paper dolls.

  3. Hi Nancy, your paper dolls turned out so sweet. I know they must have been alot of fun to make. Have a great trip.

  4. Nancy I love your paper dolls and what a wonderful idea to do a swap. I too can remember then many moons ago. Have a great week

  5. I remember paper dolls too! And the ones with the little paper tabs you would fold around to hold the clothes on the dolls. I also remeber having to punch out the dolls and clothes and having to be careful not to rip them
    Have a great trip
    hugs sassy gail of