Thursday, August 20, 2009

'The Secret's of Mother's Jewelry Box', at Coeur d'Alene

Please join us for shopping with a twist on Friday August 21, 2009 as we present "The Secrets of Mother's Jewelery Box"

What did Mother dream about after she tucked her little ones into bed at night? What did she secretly yearn for while listening to the secrets of her heart? If there was a way to find clues to the mystery of our mothers, it could be tucked inside the treasure chest called her jewelry box.

Amongst the treasures, barely concealed amidst a sea of costume jewelry, lies a small rusted key. You can’t help but wonder if it’s a diary key that can be used to unlock mother’s most secret dreams, or a key to another box where even more secrets and mysteries lie? Our imaginations run away with us. When no one's looking, almost as if a child again, you try the key in the lock of her jewelry box. The drawer unlocks and it’s disappointing for a moment, that the mystery is so easily solved. But then you slide the drawer open and new mysteries and the memories of her fill the room.

Vintage rhinestone pins, clouded with age but ready to be shined and repurposed. Pearls yellowed over the years. We're unable to resist gently nibbling them to see if they're real. Mother's favorite lace gloves she wore to church each Sunday or to occasional weddings, rest under the tray, as if awaiting another special occasion to bring them out. A vintage silver bracelet, the one she let you try on when you were a little girt but was much too large for your childish wrist. Mixed amongst the treasures, you might find a few mother of pearl buttons, saved in hopes of finding a special use, or a few stray cuff links of Dad's. Mother was always sure there would be a use for that one cuff link. A tarnished locket with his faded photograph brings back a flood of memories. Vintage buttons are scattered throughout, each one reminding you of a dress Mother wore.

Mother's jewelry box is a treasure trove for little girls and grownup daughters. No matter our age, our imaginations become colorful and childlike when we open her box of secrets.. As a child, we’re convinced that somewhere in the magnificent box lives a fairy who can tell all the secrets that lie amongst these treasures, and if we listen hard enough, we’ll hear the stories it can tell.

Photo Contribution 1: Rose Blossom Cottage | Photo Contribution 2: Pale Pink and Roses | Photo Contribution 3: RME Boutique

Have a Great Week~End Everyone!!
Huggs, Nancy

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